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In order to participate to our weekly lottery just follow the steps below

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First step is to share our website on social media in order to spread the word about us. If more people find out about ourselves, the prizes get bigger

Complete an Offer

Complete one offer from our website. You can choose any offer you want. In that way, you will help us get free PSN codes from our sponsors.


Contact our staff on the bottom of the page to verify your offer completion. The more offers your complete, the more chances you get.


You will get a number from our staff for lottery participation, based on number of people who completed an offer in the current week.


Who we are and what we do
Everything you see here is real.

We are sick and tired to see so many fake pages and people completing surveys on different websites and get nothing in return. We thought about a solution and came up with this awesome ideea and website. We give an opportunity to any of you to WIN free PSN codes. We do not guarantee you a free PSN code, but we give you a chance by completing an offer, to participate on our weekly lottery. Since we are at the beginning of the road, we only offer 10 Free PSN Codes for the next few weeks. Remember, the more you share our website on social media networks and the more offers you complete the chances of winning increase and the prizes get bigger every week.

  • FREE Playstation Codes

    10 Codes - 20$ each - This week

  • 1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership Codes

    This prize is locked.

  • Free Playstation 4 Games

    This prize is locked.

  • Free Playstation 4 Console

    This prize is locked.

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Our Free PSN Codes / Playstation Network Codes work WorldWide !

Get in touch

After you complete an offer, please send us a message saying "Offer Completed" and a link to your share on social networks. One of our staff member will verify your info`s and will reply with your lottery number.